2016 Area Development Squad


2016 SLCTD A SQUAD.pdf

2016 SLCTD B SQUAD.pdf

202016 SLCTD C SQUAD.pdf

2016 SLCTD D SQUAD.pdf

2016 OPEN E SQUAD.pdf



2016 Development Plan



v2 2016 APPROVED MSW Dev Structure LR.pdf


This publication outlines the development plan for Squads for the Area for 2016.


Selection in 2016 gives equal credit to performance and participation, as well support of the Area.


The MSW Selection and Development Committee will select membership of each squad.
In 2016, there will be NO SELF Nominations for Squads A, B, C and D
Novice Squad and E Squad will be self-nominating

For more information please download the above document.


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